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This is a very important page that we are working on to encourage all anglers, be they Charter boat's like ours or casual part time recreational anglers here in The Canary Islands and basically anywhere where sport fishing is done.

We on team 'Crested Wave' practice catch and release on many species of fish, and the ones that we do release we handle as well as possible to ensure they are as in good condition as can be, often not even removing them from the water, using a varied selection of brand name and custom made hook removers (disgorgers) which is very successful, and more or less guarantees the fish swims off very much alive.

I'm not going to pretend we do not take fish for eating, so they don't all go back alive, but the ones that we do decide to keep for the dinner table are brought on board the boat and dispatched as quickly as possible; after all that was how 'Fishing' started.

I started fishing as a young boy over 45 years ago and can still remember the 1st fish I ever caught which was a small Perch out of a pond in London, and I proudly walked around showing to any one who would look, obviously the poor little thing was pretty much deceased by the time I had decide to part with it and I can remember feeding it to a bird.

Since then, I and many other anglers the world over have been guilty of taking fish unnecessary, when we were more ignorant, but I know that I do not only speak for myself, as you can imagine I have met many many keen fishermen over my time and we all basically share a respect for nature, as we encounter it up close, not just the fish that we see and catch but all the other sights of marine and fresh water wildlife that we have the pleasure of experiencing in it's natural environment, and over the years we have become more aware of the need to take just what we want for eating and return the rest.

This is just an introduction to the start of this page I want to build and I want to include different sections of common sense guidelines to our sport, relevant articles and comments and ideas from the angling community, but also anybody who has any questions or comments they want to share with us.

I also want to build up a community of anglers in my vicinity to co-operate in the practice and education to others of ethical sport fishing, and not to abuse the creatures they encounter, by not killing a fish just for a photo or souvenirs to show off.

Ok I have to go now but I will be back working on this as soon as possible.

In the meantime, any ideas send to me at info@crestedwave.com  

Click on this link to see the I.G.F.A. guidlines and rules, www.igfa.org 




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