Tenerife Fishing, Big Game & Bottom Fishing in Tenerife on the Crested Wave. Marlin, Tuna, Snapper, Amberjack... Fishing Report

The “Crested Wave” is a 42ft twin engine “James Taylor” motor boat which is regularly inspected and certified by marine engineers. She is fully licenced and insured with a competent skipper and crew who will work their socks off to give you a memorable day!

We are also fully equipped for all styles of fishing, Big Game Lure Trolling, Big Game Live Baiting, Deep Water Bottom Fishing, Light Tackle Trolling with lures or live baits, Light Tackle Bottom Fishing with Baited Hooks, Jigs, Feathers, Spinning and other Artificial Baits.
Our boat has been Completely customised for a ’Genuine Fishing’ experience !!!

This photo below shows just half of the tackle used on the Game Fish Trolling with adjustable
'Sun Shade' if needed' very important on the hottest days!

Sport Fishing in Tenerife

Fishing in the Canary Islands

We have plenty of room aboard for you to fish, the 'Crested Wave' has a complete 'Walk Around Deck' from bow to stern with a 1 meter high rail all round, and lots of space to just sit back and relax, shade available and full toilet facilities. The “Crested Wave” is fitted out with everything you will need to make a good days fishing trip. Sophisticated electronics include Raymarine colour fish finder and echo sounder, satellite navigation system, global maritime D.S.S. radio, E.P.I.R.B and sea talk autopilot.

We are also equipped for the ‘Big Game Fishing’ with 10 rod’s set up at the back of the boat for everyone to all have a rod at the same time. Some boats do a ‘Lucky dip’ system where you have to wait you turn, not us! We have a range of trolling rods from 30lb to 130lb, every size is covered.

Also in the picture below you an see the just some of the variety of Bottom Fishing tackle ready to be used for when we pick our fishing ground spot, using the Fish-Finder electronics and either drop the anchor to fix the boat over a specific spot doing 'Static' fishing on the bottom OR choose to fish without the anchor and slowly move along with the current doing 'Drift Fishing', all depending on what type of ground we are over and most likely species to be caught; All with lots of space for everyone to fish comfortably around the whole deck of the boat, and not all crammed a the back of the boat with our 'Full Access 360 degree All Round Deck' also known as a 'Boston Deck' unlike many sport fishing boats that limit the fishing area to just the rear

Fishing in Tenerife

Fishing in Tenerife Charter Boats

Tackle includes: 1 aft fighting chair, 1 auxiliary forward fighting chair, 'Lee' outriggers, Penn International VSW, Squall, Senator & Spinfisher VI rods & reels ranging from 12lb to 130lb class gear with over 20 positioned rod holders to seat them in and over 150 different types of top brand fishing lures from around the world to choose from depending what species we are targeting on the Big Game Fishing plus a mixture of light, medium and heavy tackle 12lb to 50lb class top brand Penn, Shimano, fixed spool and multiplier rods & reels for the bottom fishing with all butt pads, harnesses, gaffs, harpoon, spare tackle etc.. etc..